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Decisions In Life: Corporate Career or Freedom Of Speech?

I’ve been writing for a little while now however I’ve only made my thoughts available to the public on the internet recently (relatively speaking of course). The ability to speak my mind in a forum where others can relate (or not) gives me a certain sense of freedom.One of my many, many (many) dreams in life is to write for a living. The thought of spending my days researching and thinking up stories and opinions and finding the right words and combining them together to put down a conscious and functional series of sentences is very appealing to me. The problem with this, at this point in my life is that I have a family that I have to support (not that having a family is a problem but… you know what I mean).Some of you may have noticed that I can sometimes get into an angry rant when I blog (don’t worry, I’m not apologizing. Stick with me). As the subtitle of my blog indicates, I give my opinions on things that I see, hear or read and sometimes what I see, hear or read can really piss me off.

That’s the beauty of writing for a blog (or any other venue for that matter). I’m able to take that rage and channel it away from my life through my words and onto the internet for everyone to see and agree or disagree with. My question is, how long will it last?

I’ve been noticing a growing trend. One, I’m afraid, that is very unnerving for people like myself and others who like to blog what’s on their minds and still keep a day job. Corporate America is seeing to it that their employees play nice on the internet by checking in on their blogs and twits and other social networking habits.

While their isn’t anything wrong with this per se, it’s what they are doing with the information that is dangerous. People are getting fired from their jobs because of what their online persona’s are expressing on the internet.

Now I understand if a particular person is on a constant rampage and ranting on and on about how their boss sucks and their job sucks and how the company can burn in hell blah blah blah. They can handle that just as if someone sees a friend talking shit about them online and decides to cut them off.

But what if that’s not the case? What if you never mention your job or what you do or the company you work for and your the kind of person who are two totally different people in and out of the office? I personally believe that most of us fit into this category. Most of us treat work and home like two different and totally separate worlds never crossing the line between the two.

I’m this kind of person. When I’m at work my clothing is neat, pressed and I’m pretty much clean shaven (for the most part) and I have my language in check but outside of work, I throw on a pair baggy jeans, an oversided tee, a pair of Tims (that stands for Timberland, you know… the boots), a backwards ball cap and my language turns a little more… colorful.

Then there are my choices of activities. At work, I… well… work. At home, I write whatever the eff is on my mind. I write, blog and twit all while having Facebook open in the background. I read a lot of news sites and watch a lot of the news on TV (it’s where I get most of my material). I read magazines and news papers (remember those). Most of the time I get pissed off at what I see, read or watch and my opinion ends up here, for all to see.

Herein lies the issue. If by chance what I write pisses off one of the tight ass, stiff collared corporate types at the company I work for, I can pretty much be shit canned and there is nothing I can really do about it. They already have control over my life when I’m sitting in my cubicle working my fingers to the bone for them but this… this effectively gives them control over my personal life as well.

What is a creative and outspoken person like myself to do? Not only do they have you minding your p’s and q’s at work for fear of loosing your means of supporting your family but, they are making you walk on egg shells in your personal life as well. Whatever happened to our right to freedom of speech?

In my sad little opinion, the corporate world isn’t a democracy. You sign your life away to them in an agreement where by you do something for them and they pay you for it. With this new trend of monitoring your online persona, it seems we have relinquished our personal freedoms as well. Our freedom of speech being first on the hit list.

Holla back with your thoughts.