Child Abuse in Disguise

As a child, I did stupid things. There was certainly no shortage of dangerous stunts that really did seem like awesome ideas at the time. I jumped from the second floor landing of my house while holding a plastic shopping bag by the handles over my head wondering why my “parachute” wasn’t working. I made a ramp out of an old wooden plank and a four by four stud. As I raced down the hill on my steel strap on skates, delusions of grandeur racing through my head I just knew that I could clear a good ten feet. Right up until I hit the lip of the plank and took a header straight into the fender of my dads blue 77 Grand Torino station wagon. When I was young, child abuse was self-inflicted.

My point is, we got hurt because we tried things regardless of what our parents warned and that is how we toughened up. Our parents never put us in a situation where we could get injured (at least not on purpose). To the contrary, I occasionally find myself becoming a little overprotective of my children and I have to remind myself that sometimes its better to leave them be.

Kids need to be kids. There are some lessons that just can’t be taught. That said I don’t understand what some parents are thinking. I see shows like “Toddlers In Tiara’s” and wonder why these women aren’t getting their asses handed to them by some judge for the psychological child abuse they put these little girls through.

Here’s the newest thing I found on ABCNews, “Mutton Busting”. For those of you who haven’t heard of this, Mutton Busting is when you take a child six years old or under, strap a hockey helmet and a padded vest on them, put them on the back of a live sheep and see how long they last as the sheep darts full speed across the rodeo stage.

Why the hell are parents subjecting their children to this? Some of those kids are obviously terrified at the prospect of riding a live animal full speed across a sandpit. At six years old and under, that’s like the equivalent of an adult being strapped to the back of an angry buck!

But Dom, they’re wearing full facial protection and a vest. Yeah, tell that to little Timmy after he gets knocked off and an animal averaging eighty to one hundred pounds stomps down on his neck and leaves him paralyzed. One woman actually said, “There’s no point in over-protecting them and raising a bunch of sissies. They need to be boys.” While I agree with that statement in general, I don’t think any child six and under has the mental capacity to make the decision to ride any animal until they get thrown off for shits and giggles.

In my sad little opinion, I don’t think a parent responsible for the life of a child should be endangering said child’s life because the kid thinks its something that looks fun. Like a good friend of mine always says, “It’s all fun and games until someone dies”.

Check the video below.

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3 thoughts on “Child Abuse in Disguise

  1. @jpdesigntheory

    Ok so your first two child experiences that you wrote were pretty funny. I remember some knuckle-headed experiences myself. As for this “Mutton Busting” I laughed at first read, till I saw the video. Those kids don’t look like they are excited to do this event at all. Matter of fact they all seem to be crying at the end when they’re shoved into a fence or into the dirt head first. You’re right, its all fun and games till a sheep stomps down on a face or neck of a 4 year old while mommy and daddy laugh-then-cry from the sidelines.

  2. Yee Haw Ptah!

    Here’s the thing with toddlers and tiaras… it isn’t child abuse because these vicarious livin motherfuckers are actually spending time with their kids. I do disagree with sexualizing the kids… so… less abuse more Thanksgiving for perverts.

  3. Maria Lugo

    Like in school, Educators are not allowed to say “Shut up” to kids but you should hear some of the words I’ve heard Parents say to their kids. Where’s the love and respect from them towards their kids?

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