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Trayvon Martin: Injustice at its finest.

Today marks one month since Trayvon Martin was murdered by George Zimmerman and still this man is out there free to kill again. What does it take for a real criminal to get arrested these days? What the hell is going on?!? Oh… wait… I know…  you know… we all know. Once again people of color have been betrayed by law enforcement officials attempting to sweep a crime under the carpet to avoid exposure to the truth.

What is that truth you might ask? Well, it’s like I’ve said before; this is still a nation full of bigots and racists. No matter how you might want to believe it’s getting better, it isn’t. We might not see anything happening in our daily lives or even on the news and forget these problems exist. Unfortunately, it takes tragedies like the murdering of Trayvon Martin to remind us that all the Band-Aids in the world won’t fix the problem.

This problem is fundamentally attached to the individual souls of our nation. The thought process needs to be changed in those that lived that lie all of their lives and it needs to stop being taught to our children. I know, these are just words but it’s the truth.

This is just my sad little opinion.

Soldiers Going Awall In Afghanistan… Again?

Afghanis killedI just can’t keep quiet about this one. Over the weekend I learned there were reports about a solder who wandered off base, to a community in Afghanistan and opened fire on innocent men, women, and children while on his rampage from house to house. As I read the story it seemed to get worse the more details that came out. Some witnesses reported that it was a group of soldiers and not just one. Initial reports also say that the alleged soldier purred chemicals over their bodies and then burned them. How sick do you need to be? Or are you that sick?

To be able to walk, or sneak yourself out of a secure military base with hot weapons and who knows what else; alone without anyone questioning his intentions is a little far fetched to me. I’ll admit I’ve never been overseas on a military base or at war, nor hold any military experience. But I can’t fly on an airplane without being frisked in the US. Why is a solder able to armor up and leave a military base alone and no one ask him of his intentions?

So there’s already been much unrest in the past few weeks from the NATO soldiers who burned some holy Quoran books, so you can only imagine how upset the Afghanistan people are now. No one really bats an eye when you say a military insurgent is killed, or armed combatants are killed in war. But the count of innocent people… that’s not just a byproduct of war. Its a shame both on the indigent people and on the foreign coalitions for accepting this level of casualties. If there were in-fact more than one soldier involved I’m sure you won’t hear about it on main stream media until the video or proof breaks from other sources.

At the end of the day I guess who ever is involved will deal with this massacre one way or another. The fate of this one “rogue” soldier should rest in the hands of the Afghanistan government. I know if something like this happened on our soil you better believe our courts would deal with it, or force whatever politics out of the way until we did.