Bullied News Anchor Gets Her Voice Heard

October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month and being bullied for being a big boy throughout my adolescent life I feel strongly that it is very important to point out the importance of taking a stand and letting punks know their place. That being said, while coasting Facebook, I found this video courtesy of news8000.com. News anchor Jennifer Livingston of CBS WKBT News 8 in La Crosse, Wisconsin happens to be big and beautiful. After a particularly insulting email from a viewer, she decided to take a stand on national television, take a look:

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2 thoughts on “Bullied News Anchor Gets Her Voice Heard

  1. @jpdesigntheory

    Wow! So proud of her for standing up to that knucklehead. It’s so easy to point a finger or try and call someone out from your home on your keyboard these days. I imagine that Facebook page is still blowing up with support for her.

  2. Dom Post author

    So am I. She took advantage of her position and made her voice heard. I wish that people and kids in particular who are going through this kind of thing could find their voice and do the same.

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