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Planet of the Chimps… Uh oh!

Okay, I know that chimps have always had animal smarts. I mean c’mon I’ve seen the movies on how they’re steeling our women and taking over the world (not necessarily in that order). This however is a little scary. While coasting the sites for interesting stuff, I found this little article at In Japan, Ayumu the chimp is making some of the smartest human look like idiots… well, at least when it comes to simple but challenging memory games.

According to psychologist Nicholas Humphrey however, this chimps talents might not have anything to do with memory but a condition that Ayumu might have knows as synthesthesia which allows the brain to attach sensory experiences to letters or numbers. This might be allowing him to see numbers as colors. Whatever the case, the video is amazing. Check it out:

We’re getting closer to finding life out there… TOLD YA!

While coasting one of the many social networks I’m a part of, I came across this story that a very old friend of mine posted that I thought was worth mentioning.

Courtesy NASA

This story from the Huffington Post explains how the Kepler rocket that NASA launched back in 2009 in search of extraterrestrial planets orbiting other suns actually found a planet that, for all intents and purposes may sustain life (as we know it… remember this article way back when: Is there life on other planets? Sure… Why not?).

Kepler-22b is what they are calling it for the time being and apparently, it has very earth like characteristics. They report that the temperature is a mild 72 degrees Fahrenheit and its about twice the size of Earth. Also, it has a steady orbit around it’s sun that takes 290 days to complete making it only 75 days shorter than ours.

I told you back in 2009 what my opinion was. HA! How you like me NOW!?!

Life…finds a way.

We, as free thinking, resilient and innovative human beings are constantly looking for something better. Our wants are always greater than our needs, no matter who you are or who you think you are, this is always the case. I know many of you may not think that this is true but it is. In some way shape or form, there is something that you have in your possession right now that you would like to upgrade whether its your computer, your cell phone, your car or you home. That’s not to say that we aren’t grateful for what we have but it’s in our nature to want more. In our deepest and innermost primeval core lies our need to…well…”want”.
The amazing ability for wildlife to adapt to its environment has always astounded me. Throughout time, animals have had to deal with whatever it is we indirectly throw at them. We have been slowly chipping away at their natural habitats for centuries. 

While on an outing with my family at a local water park. I noticed two little sparrows making the best of their environment. Upon closer examination, I realized that these two were seriously living right in the middle of probably one of the busiest parts of the park. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I discovered them. Which was purely by accident. I was sitting off to the side watching my family enjoy themselves when one of these little guys came swooping down from a palm tree behind me nearly smacking me on my head. I followed him with my eyes (I hope you don’t think I actually got up) until he came to rest on this beam under one of the big slides. The one on the edge inside the beam was taking material from the one on the top and setting up shop. This place was loud as all hell not to mention that the hotel which housed this water park at it’s center was sold out so you know there were at least 3000 people there! All running and sliding and carrying on. And here are these two sparrows, making a life for themselves right in the middle of it all.
I don’t know much about sparrows, maybe they just stopped by on there way to somewhere more peaceful but that little guy on top seemed pretty adamant about setting up his home.
In my sad little opinion, we could all learn a lesson from our little feathered Friends. No matter what the circumstances are, there is always a way.
In the immortal words of Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum played him in Jurassic Park), “I’m simply saying that life…finds a way”.