Greek Officials: Pedophilia Is A Disability… WTF!!!

Whenever I’m in a situation where I’m forced to think of the word “pedophilia” and what it means, like many people I undoubtedly begin to feel… well… physically ill. I imagine a deranged, solitary adult hovering behind the back fence of a little league game or sitting on a bench near a playground with a bag of candy just waiting for an unsuspecting victim to wander by.

Now, lets take the word “disability”. When I hear this word, I think of a person with a physical or mental condition that cannot be remedied or controlled or otherwise dealt with without some kind of eternal intervention be it medication or some form of therapy. To me, it’s someone whose circumstances are beyond his or her control in the most sincere way.

When you hear that someone is “on disability”, you imagine that this person can’t provide for themselves like most people can. A person who has undergone some form of debilitating injury or illness or birth defect that prevents them from living a life of independence known to those of us that don’t have these issues.

How many times have you EVER heard both the word “pedophile” and “disability” in the same sentence? I don’t know about you but I don’t think I ever have… until now.

According to this article in Yahoo news (link), The Ministry of Labour and Social Security of Greece has recently expanded the list of compensable disabilities to include pedophilia. Adding this (and some other items including sadomasochism and pyromania) to their list as a gauge for allocating financial assistance… wait… what? You mean to tell me that a pedophile in Greece may be able to receive disability benefits? The straight answer… yes.

Under this new list, pedophiles will be eligible to receive disability benefits up to 35%. As a comparison, diabetics who have to take insulin shots four or five times a day only get 10%… As I live and breath every time I come across something that I think is incredibly asinine and think to myself, “there is no way in HELL that anybody can do something as stupid as this”, someone or something always manages to take it to a whole new level.

This world is going to shit and it’s idiots like the people in Greece responsible for this decision that are making sure that we take the bee line straight to crap central! What kind of bass ackwords world is this becoming where governments are willing to give taxpayer money to people who willingly sexually abuse children? So does this mean that the victims who suffer debilitating trauma from this form of abuse will get something as well? I don’t know the answer to that question but from the looks of it, they will certainly be receiving way less than they deserve.

In my sad little opinion, screw whatever rights these sickos THINK they have. These people need to have their genitalia removed and placed on display as a warning to others… Vlad the Impaler style!

99% Uneducated

I was reading this article on NPR’s website about how the 1% are not too unlike the 99%. The article was based on this Gallup poll and as I was reading it, I saw something that I thought was pretty interesting. These numbers are taken from between January 2009 and November 2011 and are based on income levels measuring strictly those who make under $500,000 a year and those who make over that amount.

When it comes down to political affiliation, the 1% and the 99% are pretty well matched. 33% of the 1% are Repubs while 28% of the 99% are as well. Break that down a little more and the numbers sway in a slightly different direction where 39% of the 1% is reported to be conservative but 40% of the 99% are as well (I know, that was a little surprising to me too).

The poll measures a few other categories however the biggest difference between those of us in the 99% and those in the remaining 1% is an advanced education. The analysis shows that 72% of the wealthiest Americans have a college degree compared to 31% of the rest of us. I always knew this but now it seems like it’s official.

Here is more or less where I was going to continue giving you my opinion on how the “us” versus “them” mentality was getting us no where and how we need to find another avenue to follow yadda yadda yadda but my mind took a left turn and I couldn’t get that train of thought back.

I started to dwell on the part where education was the biggest separator between “us” and “them” (from now on “us” meaning those of us in the 99% versus “them” in the remaining 1%). There are a lot of issues we can blame on the corporate pigs running the banks and other various corporations but is this something that we can fully blame on them? Well… yes… and no.

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First the “Yes” part:

We can’t deny that a college education is expensive. Even on the community college level it can be intimidating for someone who doesn’t have any assets to venture off into the valley of the shadow of student loans. It took me almost 6 years to pay off a loan from a school that doesn’t exist anymore (ain’t that some shit)! Trying to get into an Ivy League school has got to be some far-fetched dream for most of the people wanting a degree.

Yes, there are many scholarships available but any worth applying for have more requirements than what most applicants can provide. The alternative to this are these micro scholarships that make you write five hundred word essays on why you think they should give you their $100. How many $50, $100 and $500 scholarships do you think you need to be able to pay for community college?

Let’s face it, the majority of the people out there making $500,000 or more a year in salary probably didn’t go to community college (athletic jocks and jockettes need not apply). These are people who have the money to earn their degrees in colleges where the board is made up of millionaires who rub elbows with mommy or daddy in some posh country club.

Wealthy alumni sitting on the board of some high broo ha ha college round table, looking down amongst the applicants and seeing the number of contributions and donations made by the family before even looking at the name. You can’t tell me this isn’t happening! Sure, every now and again someone is thrown a bone to block the naysayers but it doesn’t happen nearly enough.

It doesn’t stop there. High power, fortune 500 companies and their higher than thou CEO’s enjoy giving rich little Timmy Junior the direct route to the VP chair even if it means making up the position. How many VP’s does one company need? President and Vice President, that’s it right? WRONG! VP of marketing, VP of accounting, VP of operations, VP of VP’s WTF!?!  I admit, I may be off on some of this but not by much. I’m willing to guess this kind of stuff goes on more than you may know or care to think about.

How is the average community collage graduate going to get his or her foot in the door if the deck is so very stacked against them? I truly applaud those that have been able to pull forward and triumph but the fact of the matter is that those of us in the 99% that actually stick around long enough to get our college degrees don’t have the same amount of opportunities as those collage grads from the 1%.

And now the “No” part (way shorter than the “Yes” part):

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On the other side of the argument is this question. Can we honestly blame the richest people in America for our lack of advanced education? Obstacles being what they are, it is our job to conquer them is it not? No matter how hard it may seem, we are the only ones that can realize our dreams. I just wish that more people could see that.

I’m not going to go into a long and drawn out lecture of how we must grab hold of our own destiny and make our dreams come true, I’ll leave that to the keynote speakers at the graduation ceremonies. You should be old enough by now to realize that no one is going to give you anything (at least not for free). Fighting and clawing your way to the top from nothing and rubbing it in the face of the “privileged” should be reward enough (although affording your own private jet is nice too).

The bottom line is that wealthy people take care of their own (the rich get richer right?). The only reason why this is so apparent is because the not so rich are too busy stepping on each other to get their own proverbial “nut” that they ignore each other altogether. Lets face it, if you have something that few people have (wealth being relative), you wouldn’t want to just give a chunk of it up to someone who has nothing right?

I mean, you made that first million through blood and sweat and tears and here come your deadbeat friends and relatives who have way less playing the “family” or the “old friend” card ready to take some of it from you under the guise of “loyalty” or “entitlement”. If your smart, you’ll try to preserve what you fought for and that’s exactly what the wealthy do. Yes it may seem vain or selfish on the surface but is it really? No it isn’t. I’m not saying not to take care of those you love, I’m just saying be mindful of where you drop your pennies.

Haters come in all shapes and sizes and in all social standings. Is it any wonder why those in the 99% who wish to pursue a place in the top 1% find such a difficult time getting there when instead of encouragement, your fellow 99%er is bringing you down with words like, “sell out” or “poser”?

In my sad little opinion, no matter how much or how little you have, the 99% and the 1% have one more thing in common, the preservation of their wealth. Yes the rich will continue to get rich in most cases but the poor doesn’t necessarily need to get poorer. I guess the “us” versus “them” mentality isn’t getting us anywhere and we do need to find another avenue to follow.

*Please comment if you are making $500,000 plus a year and only went to community college, we’d like to hear your story.

We’re getting closer to finding life out there… TOLD YA!

While coasting one of the many social networks I’m a part of, I came across this story that a very old friend of mine posted that I thought was worth mentioning.

Courtesy NASA

This story from the Huffington Post explains how the Kepler rocket that NASA launched back in 2009 in search of extraterrestrial planets orbiting other suns actually found a planet that, for all intents and purposes may sustain life (as we know it… remember this article way back when: Is there life on other planets? Sure… Why not?).

Kepler-22b is what they are calling it for the time being and apparently, it has very earth like characteristics. They report that the temperature is a mild 72 degrees Fahrenheit and its about twice the size of Earth. Also, it has a steady orbit around it’s sun that takes 290 days to complete making it only 75 days shorter than ours.

I told you back in 2009 what my opinion was. HA! How you like me NOW!?!

Child Abuse in Disguise

As a child, I did stupid things. There was certainly no shortage of dangerous stunts that really did seem like awesome ideas at the time. I jumped from the second floor landing of my house while holding a plastic shopping bag by the handles over my head wondering why my “parachute” wasn’t working. I made a ramp out of an old wooden plank and a four by four stud. As I raced down the hill on my steel strap on skates, delusions of grandeur racing through my head I just knew that I could clear a good ten feet. Right up until I hit the lip of the plank and took a header straight into the fender of my dads blue 77 Grand Torino station wagon. When I was young, child abuse was self-inflicted.

My point is, we got hurt because we tried things regardless of what our parents warned and that is how we toughened up. Our parents never put us in a situation where we could get injured (at least not on purpose). To the contrary, I occasionally find myself becoming a little overprotective of my children and I have to remind myself that sometimes its better to leave them be.

Kids need to be kids. There are some lessons that just can’t be taught. That said I don’t understand what some parents are thinking. I see shows like “Toddlers In Tiara’s” and wonder why these women aren’t getting their asses handed to them by some judge for the psychological child abuse they put these little girls through.

Here’s the newest thing I found on ABCNews, “Mutton Busting”. For those of you who haven’t heard of this, Mutton Busting is when you take a child six years old or under, strap a hockey helmet and a padded vest on them, put them on the back of a live sheep and see how long they last as the sheep darts full speed across the rodeo stage.

Why the hell are parents subjecting their children to this? Some of those kids are obviously terrified at the prospect of riding a live animal full speed across a sandpit. At six years old and under, that’s like the equivalent of an adult being strapped to the back of an angry buck!

But Dom, they’re wearing full facial protection and a vest. Yeah, tell that to little Timmy after he gets knocked off and an animal averaging eighty to one hundred pounds stomps down on his neck and leaves him paralyzed. One woman actually said, “There’s no point in over-protecting them and raising a bunch of sissies. They need to be boys.” While I agree with that statement in general, I don’t think any child six and under has the mental capacity to make the decision to ride any animal until they get thrown off for shits and giggles.

In my sad little opinion, I don’t think a parent responsible for the life of a child should be endangering said child’s life because the kid thinks its something that looks fun. Like a good friend of mine always says, “It’s all fun and games until someone dies”.

Check the video below.

Hate is alive and well in Texas (not exclusively)

While coasting the news sites for something interesting to write about this evening I came across this little gem on that still has my blood pressure shooting straight up. For every step forward the human race makes, there are still one or two or thousands that still manage to drag us back into the dark ages of hate and intolerance.

Crockett Keller, owner of Keller’s Riverside Store down in good ole Texas is one of these barbarians.  He seems to think (unfortunately like many dim witted Americans) that he can bring segregation back into our good U.S. of A. Not only that, he thinks he can do this and hide behind the guise of being a “Real American” and not get labeled a bigot.

What did he say that got me all wound up you might ask?  Well, Mr. Keller is licensed to teach people how to handle firearms and during one of his ads for an upcoming class he said, “If you are a socialist liberal and/or voted for the current campaigner-in-chief, please do not take this class. You’ve already proven that you cannot make a knowledgeable and prudent decision as required under the law.”

REALLY!?! Last time I checked, that current “campaigner-in-chief” was still trying to clean up eight years of eff ups former president knucklehead left behind! You know, people seem to forget this. They started blaming President Obama for all the trouble this country has been in the day after he was sworn in. Why don’t these people just go back under the damn rocks they crawled out of, let the Prez do his job and when his second term is up and he CAN’T be re-elected, you guys can have another shot at effing things up again.

Moving on, that wasn’t even the worse thing he said. This guy really showed his colors with his next statement. He said, “Also, if you are a non-Christian Arab or Muslim, I will not teach you this class. Once again, with no shame, I am Crockett Keller.” WHO IN THE HELL DOES THIS GUY THINK HE IS! AND, when asked about where he got the idea of inserting that little kibble of back assed knowledge, he responded, “I got to thinking, ‘Hmm, I’m arming the enemy”. WTF!

It’s this breed of super right winged fundamentalists that scour the good name of REAL Christians and REAL Americans and REAL Muslims and REAL Arabs living here in the same damn country with this scum. Listen to me once and for all the Muslim religion is NOT a terrorist organization! Fanatics of any organization, be it Muslim or Christian or American or Arab all spew hatred and anger toward the other smearing blood over the innocent and taking the rest of us down with them.

Why the hell do we stand for it? Why do we continuously let these knuckle dragging, tea bagging son’s of bitches open their big mouths to spew fire while we just sit there and get singed by the flames? I don’t effing understand it. I’m guessing there are Arab/Muslim citizens asking that very question about the fanatics that claim that they are Muslims as well.  What the hell is it going to take for us to just shake the shit out of these people and tell them to shut the fuck up!

There are some of you out there that may think, “What’s the big deal? If he doesn’t want to service Muslims then that’s his right to do so.” Sure, he can do what he wants but that doesn’t mean the rest of us should just sit back and let it happen. It doesn’t mean that the state or the government have to let it happen.

On that note, the Texas Department of Public Safety is launching an investigation to see if they might revoke or suspend his license to teach his firearms classes. And it goes without saying that the Texas Council on American-Islamic Relations is keeping a close eye on what the outcome is going to be.

In my sad little opinion, us normal people need to be less passive about this sort of thing and get into these people’s faces. We need to be just as loud as they are. The world is listening, whom do you think they are hearing?